Preparing a ThinkSmart Hub for Skype Room Systems

Lenovo has recently announced a device designed for Skype Room Systems dubbed ThinkSmart Hub 500.  There is documentation on how to create the Windows 10 installation image for Skype Room Systems consoles, however, the PowerShell script provided by Microsoft is targeted only for Surface devices and Surface drivers.

The build process and links to the required dependencies can be found here.

If you need to prep a Hub 500 as a Skype Room Systems console, I've modified a section of Microsoft's script so that the USB media can be built with the ThinkSmart Hub 500 driver pack.

Before you begin, you'll need to:
Format a USB drive as a Fat32 disk.Windows 10 Enterprise media.Download the MSU for KB4056892.Download the latest SRS deployment kit.Download the modified CreateSrsMedia.ps1 script (to only be used for the Smart Hub).Download the ThinkSmart Hub 500 driver pack. Place the MSU for KB4056892, driver pack, and SRS deployment kit in the same directory as the CreateSrsMedia.ps1 s…

TPM Firmware Switch Tool for ThinkCentre

This could be deemed as a follow up to the previous post "Patching the IFX TPM vulnerability on Think Products with SCCM".

This post covers the TPM Firmware Switch Tool that was released to remedy the affected ThinkCentres described in the LEN-15552 Security Advisory.  Per the ReadMe, here's the list of systems and minimum BIOS versions required before the tool can be implemented:

These files are to be used with the following ThinkCentre products: M610:BIOS version M1AKT30A or above M910x:BIOS version M1AKT30A or above M710q:BIOS version M1AKT30A or above M910t/s:BIOS version M1AKT30A or above M910q :BIOS version M1AKT30A or above M710t/s, E75t/s:BIOS version M16KT47A or above M715t/s:BIOS version O2VKT82A or above Links to the BIOS versions can be found in the LEN-15552 matrix.

To summarize, the tool will update the TPM firmware to the latest version, whether it be TPM Spec 1.2 or 2.0.  It will also allow you to switch the TPM Spec version from 1.2 to 2.0 or vice versa i…

Introducing... ThinkDeploy for MDT

Finally...Quite a while ago a bar napkin was defaced with an idea for an automation tool that would simplify the task of introducing a new Lenovo ThinkPad/ThinkCentre/ThinkStation model in an operating system deployment process using the Microsoft Deployment Toolkit.  

Since that time the IT industry has been going through lots of changes with Windows 10 and methods of deploying PCs:  MDMs and AutoPilot have come into the picture, lots of folks still use SCCM OSD which keeps improving with the new regular cadence of SCCM updates, and a really cool tool by Maurice Daly was introduced to the community that simplifies the upfront gathering of content.
So why bring out a tool aimed solely at MDT now?  The only answer I can think of is "Why not?".  Actually, that's not true; I can think of several reasons: 1.  Lots of people still use MDT and prefer it 2.  For smaller companies that don't have the budget and skills for SCCM, MDT is still a great solution 3.  With our solution …

Setting an Asset Tag on ThinkPads with a MDM

For anyone that would like to set an Asset Tag on their ThinkPad once the device is under management with either Intune or MobileIron, this post can provide a way of helping you achieve this.

For those that are unaware, there is a Windows Utility to Read and Write Asset ID Information provided by Lenovo, specifically for ThinkPad.  With this utility, you are able to set asset ID data such as an Owner Name, Owner Location, Asset Number and several other pieces of information.  Per the ReadMe, here's a list of what can be set with the tool:

USERDEVICE          <Field1>  -  These fields are defined by the user.
                       :         The maximum number of user fields is five.




Installing Hotkey Features Integration using the ConfigMgr Application Model