Introduction to DriverGrabber

DriverGrabber is a "no install" utility that is aimed at simplifying the task of finding drivers and utilities for Lenovo PC products which an administrator needs to package for delivery through their software deployment solution.  By specifying a Machine Type and an operating system you get a list of available updates which can be selected for downloading. This takes much less time than navigating through the Lenovo support web site.

Beyond just automating the downloading and extracting of packages, DriverGrabber also shows details such as Version, Release date, Extract command, and Silent Install command.  There is even an option to get MD5, SHA-1 and SHA-2 hash values to help verify complete downloads. 

Packages can be selected by clicking the row header.  Hold the Ctrl key down to select multiple packages.  At the bottom of the window specify a download location and then choose to download only or download and extract.  A .CSV file with details of the session is then created in your My Documents folder.

DriverGrabber also displays the date the packages were Released. This can be useful if you want to periodically focus on what's been recently released. This utility is made available "as-is" with the hopes that it can be useful and save some of our customers time in their busy day. If you have feedback we would love to hear it.  There is a convenient link to our Forum in the upper right corner of the window.  You can find a download link to the latest version on the Think Deployment Resource Center page.

Note: Get the latest version,, now with a Category column that is sort-able so you can focus on the content you care about. Thanks to @theznerd for the suggestion. Also made columns resizable.