How to make the F11 key work in your custom Windows 10 image using SCCM

This post is expanding on someotherguy's KB article on how to make the F11 functionality work again if you're deploying a custom image in your environment. As of this post, SCCM Current Branch 1702 will be covered.

With Think products, pressing the F11 key at boot will launch the recovery utilities. This is available if the system's operating system is preloaded from Lenovo. However, most large enterprise customers re-image the systems with a custom image. Once this happens, F11 will no longer work.

As mentioned in someotherguy's KB, an .efi file must be added to the boot folder in the System partition.

Here are the steps to accomplish this:

1. Download the file. Extract the contents to a source directory on your site server.

2. In your console, create a new Package that will contain the .efi file. Do not create a program.

Distribute the Package to your Distribution Points

3. Edit your Task Sequence and create a new group anywhere after the Setup Windows and ConfigMgr step.

Nested under this group will be 3 Run Command Line steps that will:

Mount the System Partition

Copy the .efi file to the EFI\Boot folder. The command line being xcopy ".\*.*" "S:\EFI\Boot"

Unmount the System Partition.

Once the system completes OSD, you can verify the file exists

Now, when F11 is triggered, the system will bypass normal boot to Windows and into Recovery.